Cancellation Policy

All Friday and Saturday night bookings have to be prepaid and are non refundable if cancelled less than 24 hours prior.

Terms & Conditions

ALL LOCAL BOOKINGS ARE prequoted and prepaid. Bookings are not amendable or cancellable. All bookings must be quoted and paid in advance. If you have not paid and received a receipt, it is not a confirmed booking.

We will try our best to be flexible however, due to the distances travelled, we cannot guarantee to be able to amend times for your taxis

Further, we will try to arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and aim to be away on the road travelling with you on board  promptly at the agreed pick up time.

Please do not leave it until the pick up time to start saying your gooddbyes or having a last drink.

If we are 5 minutes late leaving on 10 bookings, the last person is kept waiting nearly an hour, hence why we ask you to be prompt to your booked times.

If we cannot make contact with you and be away with you on board after the scheduled pick up time, the taxi will normally have to leave and you will loose your time slot without a refund. It is unlikley another would be available due to the nature of rural taxis.

Our taxis are GPS tracked and all calls are logged through our switchboard